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Planned to enter Uno Port passenger ship (2020 schedule)

2020-03-06 update

* Information as of July 21, 2020.
All ports have been canceled


For more information, please check the official website of Tamano City.


Arrival cancellation status(as of August 21)

March 26 (Thu) Caledonian Sky
March 29 (Sun) Caledonian Sky
April 10 (Sun) Pacific Venus
April 12 (Sun) Pacific Venus
April 16 (Thu) Caledonian Sky
April 19 (Sun) Caledonian Sky
April 22 (Wed) Le Soléal
May 6 (Wed) Le Soléal
May 8 (Fri) Le Soléal
May 8 (Fri) Caledonian Sky (third jetty)
May 11 (Mon) @ Caledonian Sky
May 22 (Fri) Le Soléal
May 29 (Fri) Le Soléal
May 31 (Sun) Le Soléal
June 6 (Sat) Silver Explorer
June 8 (Mon) Silver Explorer
June 14 (Sun) Le Soléal
July 7 (Tue) Pacific Venus
July 11 (Sat) Pacific Venus
July 25 (Sat) Pacific Venus
July 27 (Tue) Pacific Venus
September 17 (Thu) Crystal Endeavor (First Port)

October 4 (Sun) Le Laperouse
October 6 (Tue) Le Laperouse
October 20 (Tue) Le Laperouse

October 28 (Wed) Nipponmaru
November 1 (Sun) Nipponmaru